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Case Studies

XYZ Aerospace Corporation, Newport Beach, California Gladstone Consulting was hired to manage the wind-down of a complex group of affiliates and to resolve an underfunded pension plan for what was once a substantial aerospace company. We were ultimately able to sell the pension liabilities to a national insurance company, at significant savings to the owners, while fully protecting the pensioners. Other savings were achieved by combining affiliates, restructuring assets, negotiating with lenders and closing subsidiaries to minimize taxes and operating risks.
XYZ Holdings Corporation, New York, NY and Tampa, Florida Gladstone Consulting designed and carried out the wind-down and liquidation of one of the largest privately held human resources outsourcing companies in the United States following the sale of its client portfolio. Our work included managing the company's workers' compensation obligations, resolving outstanding lawsuits and tax liabilities and winding up the affairs of the corporation. Ultimately, we arranged a buy-out of the remaining subsidiaries to free the owners from future obligations and risks.
XYZ Package Consolidators, Jacksonville, Florida When the investors in a large logistics/warehouse management company called Gladstone Consulting, this joint venture was hemorrhaging millions of dollars a week, Gladstone Consulting responded within hours. Gladstone Consulting quickly assessed the problem, brought in new managers, closed operations carefully, and sold off assets to reduce debt and stem the losses. We created an open dialogue with hundreds of creditors, including a secure website to share financial and legal information. With a new team and an open line of communications with stakeholders, Gladstone Consulting was able to negotiate a wind-down outside of bankruptcy, benefiting virtually everyone associated with this disaster.
XYZ Markets, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Gladstone Consulting structured a buy-out of a troubled joint venture after the client, a major food services corporation, became disenchanted with its managing partner. Gladstone Consulting negotiated a buy-out price substantially in excess of the original mission statement, and structured the buy-out to avoid litigation and to allow the joint venture to continue operating without harm to anyone reputation.

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