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Business Problem Resolution

Gladstone Consulting has been retained to resolve a wide variety of business problems faced by its clients, ranging from dealing with angry creditors to dissolving troubled partnerships and dealing with a diverse group of owners.
When investments sour and existing management cannot right the ship, directors and investors call Gladstone Consulting for their business problem resolution expertise. Remember, existing management in most cases created the very problems they are now unable or unwilling to solve. We are often able to provide creative solutions because our sole motivation is to solve the problem. We have no hidden agenda - accurately diagnosing a problem and developing a remedy is much easier when those called upon to fix the problem cannot be blamed for it. Our team has successfully negotiated with all types of creditors and federal, state and local taxing authorities.
Although we are often introduced by one of the owners, Gladstone Consulting can usually earn the confidence of the others to present a unified position, at a time when second guessing could cripple the decision process. At some point, the owners’ representatives can be relieved of direct oversight and return to more profitable endeavors.


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