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Gladstone Consulting, Inc.

Gladstone Consulting, Inc. created its niche in the consulting market ten years ago when a major investment group hired the firm to provide hands-on solutions for a host of problems which surfaced after an acquisition. Since then, Gladstone Consulting has developed a unique platform to assist businesses and their investors with problems arising in corporate restructurings, troubled joint ventures, workouts and wind-downs. Gladstone Consulting personnel have experience in diverse areas, with a track record of success in Corporate Liquidations, Problem Resolution and Litigation Support Services.
Aubrey W. Gladstone
Aubrey Gladstone
  What sets Gladstone Consulting apart from most other consulting firms is that we do more than simply render advice - we actually put into place a plan with a team of professionals able to implement solutions. Other consultants give advice and return to the isolation of their offices, leaving implementation to client personnel often ill-equipped or unwilling to handle such problems. Aubrey Gladstone leads a team of experienced professionals who work with existing management or, more often, bring in new professionals as necessary to resolve the problem.

With lawyers and accountants on staff and on call around the country, Gladstone Consulting can quickly address almost any type of problem. We are capable and experienced, and can have a team in place on short notice. Read about how we have helped past clients in our case studies.


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