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Gladstone Consulting, Inc. Company Bios

Aubrey W. Gladstone  

Aubrey W. Gladstone

Aubrey Gladstone is primarily responsible for strategy and overall direction of Gladstone Consulting. He has had significant experience in finance and secured lending, and has been involved in a myriad of workouts and restructurings. He holds an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh and an engineering degree from Lehigh University. Aubrey Gladstone has worked in secured lending, commercial banking, equipment leasing and real estate finance. As an asset-based lender for more than twenty years, he is well experienced in litigation management, including strategic planning which can literally turn a situation around.
Marianne R. Gladstone  

Marianne R. Gladstone

Marianne Gladstone is the administrative liaison for Gladstone Consulting, Inc. She manages the business and accounting side of the firm, and coordinates the professionals brought in to serve on each project team. Matching the right consultant with each position is usually the greatest challenge in making a smooth transition. Marianne Gladstone previously worked at the law firm of Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott.

Other Professionals

  Gladstone Consulting has attorneys, CPA's and accountants on staff and other professionals on call around the country. The firm can quickly obtain the services of professionals with a wide range of expertise in both public and private sector companies, with track records as President, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Director. Gladstone Consulting brings proven, powerful decision-making capabilities and technical skills to bear in solving your company's problems.


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