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Corporate Liquidation

Corporate liquidation is an art, not a science. Most liquidations go south when the decision is made to close the door and hand back the keys. Gladstone Consulting has managed many corporate liquidations and has developed a unique model for liquidation that combines patience, creative ideas and years of experience in dealing with difficult situations to ease investors' pain during a difficult period.
We negotiate openly with lenders, creditors and federal, state and local taxing authorities to retain as much capital as possible and avoid litigation. Most corporate employees have no experience winding down the affairs of a going concern; nor should they. Gladstone Consulting retains the services of certain key employees, but inserts its own team to mentor and lead the remaining employees through a difficult and dispiriting process.
In many cases, the knowledge and experience these employees gain from working with our professionals enable them to go on to more rewarding careers. In some cases, where former employees are no longer available, we bring in an entire team to protect the interests of owners, and in some extreme circumstances structure the sale of the carcass to allow our clients to put the problems behind them. Read about a few of our corporate liquidations in our case studies.


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